Customized Asset Tracking Solutions Fit to Nearly Any Industry

Verasset partners with best of breed software and hardware manufacturers to offer customized asset tracking solutions fit to nearly any industry.

We are a Certified and Value Added Reseller of various asset tracking software systems, and offer customized solutions based on each clients unique requirements, as well as the size of the organization.

We have expertise with and integrate asset tracking software with automatic data capture (ADC) technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), bar coding, GPS, and bio-metrics.


Incorporating the right automatic data capture (ADC) technologies into your business processes provides a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Automatic tracking and updating of asset locations
  • Compliance with Regulatory Statutes (such as SOX, GASB, and HIPPA)
  • Efficient Asset Utilization. Eliminate; redundant purchases, property loss and theft
  • Reduced Property Tax and Insurance
  • Increased Accountability
  • Quickly locating critical items when they are needed

Asset tracking refers to the tracking and management of an organizations vital resources. This can range from: 

  • IT Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Tooling and Machinery
  • Medical Devices
  • Files and Documents
  • Weapons and Armories
  • Evidence
  • People

Asset Tracking System Highlights

  • Track vital information related to assets, such as; location, custodian serial and model numbers
  • Track depreciation schedules
  • Track asset contracts, warranties, and leases
  • Track maintenance and calibration schedules
  • Check In/Check Out Assets
  • Associate files, such as images and documents to assets
  • Create customized alerts and notifications
  • Create an audit trail allowing you to track and view the full history of the asset
  • Create asset parent/child relationships
  • Generate custom reports
  • Perform regular physical inventory cycle counts and audits

Improve your fixed asset inventory management!