A US-based publicly-held global technology leader needed to track its IT assets in extremely large-scale server farms throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia as part of its Sarbanes Oxley compliance procedures. In addition, improved tracking of the servers was necessary to help the network engineering teams better support and manage the servers in the company’s mission critical applications.

The Challenge: The company was growing rapidly in response to the global demand for Internet-based services which required frequent movement of servers and expansion in each of the server farms. The geographically dispersed installations housed hundreds of thousands of servers each.

The Objective: Conduct quarterly physical inventory audit of 25% of the company’s total server inventory in order to complete a full audit over the course of a year. Each quarterly inventory was completed within a one week timeframe and lead to establishing an accurate snapshot of the server environment in the audited locations. Results would be provided to the client as well as delivered to the company’s auditing firm immediately upon completion of the inventory count.

The Solution: Verasset worked closely with the client to initially establish the scope of work, determine the estimated number of assets to be verified, identify where they were located, determine the resources required by both Verasset and the client to complete the project within established timeframes, and determine what information needed to be reported back to the client and its auditors.

Verasset used the results from the scoping exercise to develop a customized mobile data collection application that would be used to gather the data required by the client, with built-in quality assurance processes.

Verasset also used the information gathered during the scoping to determine the necessary size and capabilities of the inventory teams that would be deployed at each site. Verasset deployed approximately 25-30 inventory specialists in the field each quarter. The inventory specialists were split into several teams, each of which focused on completing the inventory at their designated location over the course of five days. Each team was led by an Inventory Controller who was responsible for accurately completing the inventory count at his/her location, co-ordinate with the assigned company point of contact and with the client’s auditors as necessary.

The End Result: Verasset performed the services of verifying, in aggregate, millions of item counts for the client over a 4-year timeframe. The results enabled the client to quickly resolve discrepancies within its internal records and consistently receive sign-off from the auditors in addition to improving operational efficiencies by accurately recording the location of active and decommissioned equipment. The procedures established by Verasset were successfully transferred over time to the client to enable it to perform the services on an on-going basis with internal resources.