Verasset asset appraisal and valuationPricing for our services is predicated upon understanding what clients’ value.  We believe that quality, results, price and time all represent value to our clients. Accordingly, our value-based pricing is based upon these parameters.

The first step in our strategy is to understand the impact our services have on end user utility.  Through our hiring practices, training, and equipment, we optimize our services so that we can offer maximum value to clients. We focus on their problem and how our services will improve their lives versus overwhelming them with the details of our experience, equipment or credentials.

In addition to providing quality results, Verasset recognizes that price does matter.  Consequently, the next step in our value-based pricing strategy is to provide our expertise to clients at a mutually agreed upon, fixed-price.  This practice entails estimating the amount of time, resources and materials that will be required for a project, in advance. Margin for profit is then added.  Because we stand by our fixed charge, the value of our services can be described as “expert results at a predictable cost”.

We also believe that a service-orientated business must establish confidence with clients that it can and will deliver quality results. We achieve this by assuming some of the risk associated with an engagement. Other than charging an initial fee to engage, cost recovery and profit are not billed until the service has been provided and results have been delivered and accepted.

We plan and conduct our service engagements within strict schedules of timelines and guarantee our results.

Call or email us with your project details for a quote for our services.