Verasset Fixed Asset Inventory TechnologyVerasset provides and integrates barcode systems from a variety of hardware manufacturers and software developers, including; WASP Barcode and Redbeam.

Barcode technology is an inexpensive means of tracking virtually anything from documents, to consumable items such as medicine, to high value items used in healthcare such as x-ray and other imaging equipment.

The age of mobility software has made it possible to take barcode technology into the palm of your hand and use it anywhere.A turn-key barcode system consists of a mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner, installed with customizable data collection software that allows for barcode scanning as well as manual data entry. These systems often have the ability to connect to a mobile barcode printer for on demand printing.Entry level barcode systems are affordable and very easy to use.

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barcode and rfid tag solutionsAsset labels (also called asset tags) are used as vital component of an asset tracking solution. Combined with asset tracking software and a fixed or mobile barcode reader, asset labels help uniquely identify a specific piece of equipment. With that unique identification comes the ability to track location, users of the equipment, maintenance, and a variety of attributes related to an asset.

Verasset offers a convenient and comprehensive service to help you choose your custom asset labels and tags. Verasset will guide you through all of the necessary steps, including selecting the right asset tag material, adhesive, adding your personalized text and logos, and choosing a number range and order quantity for your needs.

Verasset offers pre-printed labels and blank label stock. Preprinted labels are sold in serial number groups to suit your level of growth, and are offered in a variety of sizes and styles.

The right material and adhesive is crucial for an asset tag or asset label application. Often, asset tags are designed to be tamper-evident or non-removable to increase the security value of the tag. Environmental conditions faced by the label may require special consideration when choosing a label.

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