Ensure the Privacy and Security of PHI, ePHI, and EHR

Verasset Healthcare Inventory ServicesVerasset’s comprehensive physical inventory services enhance our clients’ compliance with regulatory and internal policies and procedures by improving medical and IT equipment visibility related to location, usage, and condition.

Our expertise ranges from auditing decentralized urgent care clinics with a nationwide presence, to reconciling equipment registers on hospital campuses; and from inventorying small family practices to verifying equipment in large medical research facilities.

While conducting physical inventory counts, Verasset’s healthcare sector inventory specialists locate and inspect equipment and electronically record relevant data pertaining to each device in line with the clients’ needs.

Recorded information generally includes data such as serial and model numbers, asset location, usage status, calibration and cleaning certification data, and asset condition. Verasset also affixes barcode and/or RFID asset tags during the inventory process to facilitate future equipment location and identification.

The in-depth physical inventory verification of assets is often used to satisfy a variety of cross-departmental initiatives including the following activities:

  • Securing and maintaining accurate records of assets that store and transmit e-PHI (electronic patient health information) data in support of HIPPA and JCAHO requirements
  • Ensuring asset custodians are using assets in compliance with organization policies
  • Improving asset utilization and decreasing redundant purchasing
  • Ensuring proper retirement and disposal of end-of-life assets
  • Updating and augmenting help desk records
  • Reconciling physical assets to financial records
  • Locating equipment stockpiles

medical equipment physical inventoryVerasset’s inventory services assist companies to assess vulnerabilities by ensuring that equipment lists containing ePHI is centralized and up-to-date. Verasset achieves this through conducting onsite visits, where asset records are validated and systems and devices are audited for compliance with established policies and procedures. Verasset also provides expanded site audits to include related activities such as monitoring the stockpiling of equipment and inspecting their maintenance histories.

Verasset can be engaged to perform single site assessments with a set begin and end date, or to provide ongoing recurring cycle audits.

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