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Fixed Asset Inventory Services

Current and accurate fixed asset equipment and inventory data is essential for an effective asset management program. Verasset provides professional fixed asset inventory and asset tagging services across a wide range of industries around the world. Learn more about Fixed Asset Inventory Services

Fixed Asset Reconciliation Services

Verasset offers comprehensive floor to book and book to floor fixed asset verification & reconciliation services. The service is designed with the intent of; improving the quality of the existing ledger information, improving the process flows that impact asset information as it flows throughout the typical asset life cycle, and solving compliance issues such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), audit, and GASB. Learn more about our Reconciliation Services

Asset Lifecycle Consulting Services

Conducting an objective review of a client’s fixed asset business practices, including procedures and record-keeping methods, helps to uncover hidden deficiencies within their asset life cycle. Using knowledge we have compiled, Verasset offers recommendations for re-engineering business processes (BPR) based upon industry “best practices.” Learn more about Asset Lifecycle Consulting Services

Fixed Asset Appraisal and Valuation

Verasset conducts fixed asset appraisal and valuation services in conjunction with strategic partners that are recognized industry leaders and subject matter experts. Our professionals’ knowledge, qualifications, experience and industry-recognized objectivity make them highly valued in dispute arbitration proceedings, as expert witnesses, and as attorney-advisors. Learn more about Appraisal Services



Our services and solutions are trusted by state, local, and federal governments, large tech companies, consumer products, healthcare, education and more. Here are a few;

Here's what our clients are saying

"Verasset did a great job for us during our Fixed Asset count. They made recommendations throughout the process and helped us leave each of our sites in a good place. The counters were knowledgeable and thorough. I would highly recommend Verasset for any Fixed Asset or Inventory count needed by your company."

Rich C


"I am happy to recommend Verasset Corporation for your large inventory needs. The Verasset team performed our tri-annual fixed asset inventory in a professional and methodical manner. They inventoried over 65,000 assets onsite with meticulous attention to detail. Each day, they reported on time, and were well prepared for the day’s activities..."  

Burnie S


"I’m glad we went with Verasset for the physical inventory of fixed assets at our Corporate headquarters. The Director of Service Delivery was an absolute professional to work with – he followed up on our request quickly and responded to questions promptly. Verasset was able to turnaround a proposal for services immediately so we could make our decision in a timely manner, and the cost was very reasonable..."

Steven Azevedo

CRC Health Group

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