Asset Management for Data Centers

Verasset performs fixed asset inventory, asset tagging, and reconciliation services throughout data centers around the world.

Our services help to establish and support various data center management initiatives, including; data center asset management, data center infrastructure management (DCIM), and IT asset management (ITAM).

Our first client in 2003 was a large search engine with millions of servers. They initially hired us to help audit their fixed asset management program.

We took inventory of anywhere from 25-50% of their U.S., Europe, and Asia based servers each quarter. Twenty years later, this has become one of our flagship services.





Data center managers have an overwhelming task in managing an extreme volume of IT assets across de-centralized data centers and colocations. Asset visibility is crucial to effectively running a data center.

Whether you are using spreadsheets and homegrown asset management systems or a comprehensive DCIM system to manage your data center, maintaining current and up-to-date IT asset records is essential. These systems don’t work if the data input is inaccurate. Data centers are dynamic and evolving environments with constant changes, rollouts, and buildouts. Data center inventory and reconciliation services offer complete the visibility you need to keep these systems up to date, enabling data center professionals to make informed decisions and quickly locate assets within large data centers.

The dynamic and evolving nature of data centers requires regular cyclical physical inventory counts.

Fortunately, there are countless benefits that satisfy a variety of cross-departmental initiatives!

Update IT Asset Records

Keep your DCIM, spreadsheets, and homegrown systems current and significantly reduce time looking for IT assets.

Locate Stockpiles

Our IT asset inventory services identify spares, idle, and damaged assets located throughout data centers that are not network connected.

Financial Reporting

We routinely perform simultaneous reconciliations of DCIM/operational databases and fixed asset registers.

Barcode and RFID Tags

During physical inventory is an ideal time to deploy (or standardize) data capture technologies such as barcode and RFID systems.

Our data center clients include;

Social Media Platforms

Search Engines

Web Hosting Providers

Digital/Online Marketing Companies

Cloud Data Services and Management

IT Services

Cybersecurity Companies


What our clients are saying

We engaged Verasset Corporation to perform a wall-to-wall inventory of our engineering assets (approximately 54,000 assets) installed in our engineering labs. Our assets were spread across 2 states, 5 labs and 2 warehouses. Through Verasset’s efforts we were able to reconcile all but 2 assets.

The Verasset team was professional, thorough,  and proactive in their execution of the physical inventory phase. Team members were punctual and respectful during the entire 2 month duration of our physical inventory. They were available to me for several months after the inventory for questions and assistance. I would highly recommend Verasset Corporation to any organization that needs a complete and thorough inventory of their assets.

Burnie S

Asset Manager, NetApp

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