Complete asset lifecycle management software and systems designed to track and manage your assets and equipment from anywhere
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Asset Tracking Software

Verasset provides cloud based and self hosted asset tracking software that simplifies tracking, managing, and reporting on fixed assets and inventory anywhere, from any device. Perform audits, check-in/check-out, custom reports, trigger notifications, and more.

Asset Tracking Hardware

We supply barcode and RFID enabled mobile computers, barcode scanners, barcode printers and supplies, as well as fixed and mobile RFID readers, antennas, and accessories for tracking and managing equipment, fixed assets, and inventory.

Barcode & RFID Asset Tags

Tag your assets (or have us do it) with barcode or RFID labels to automate asset tracking and ease future asset inventory audits. We have pre-printed and pre-encoded asset tags as well as blank media (printable) options are available.

Fixed Asset and Inventory Tracking Software

Verasset is a Value Added Reseller of asset lifecycle and inventory management software systems that are available as a cloud-based subscription service or can be self-hosted. Asset tracking software offers complete asset visibility and management from your desk and in the field.

Inventory management software enables accurate monitoring of stock and consumable levels in any environment.

Maximize your efficiency and profitability with asset and inventory management applications. Contact us for a product demonstration and to get pricing.

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Asset Tracking Systems

Perform audits, receive assets at a shipping dock, perform cyclical physical inventory counts, asset check in/check out, set custom trigger alerts, generate custom reports, and more. Contact us for more information and a product demonstration.

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Inventory Management Systems

Create real time reporting and trigger notifications based on inventory, stock, and consumable levels, automate reorders, track lot and date codes, and more. Contact us for a free product demonstration and to get a quote.

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Barcode & Asset Tag Design Software

Stand alone barcode and asset tags design software allows for your to easily design what goes on your labels and where and easily integrates with the full line of barcode printers we supply. Barcode label software products are easy to use and range from $150-$200 USD.

Asset Tracking Hardware

We provide barcode and RFID enabled mobile devices, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and accessories from a variety of manufacturers at discounted rates.

Mobile devices take your asset management applications anywhere you need to go. We design asset management programs and systems that will best suit your needs.

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Mobile Computers

Verasset provides a variety of rugged Android and Windows embedded mobile computers that seamlessly integrate with asset and inventory tracking systems. Available with 1D, 2D, and RFID scanning capability, full QWERTY and numeric keypads, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and more, mobile handhelds are designed for fast and accurate data capture.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are inexpensive and offer fast and accurate data capture. Verasset offers battery powered (cordless) scanners, USB corded scanners, Bluetooth connected adjustable snap-on scanners, adjustable strap wrist and ring scanners, wireless pockets scanners, and more. Contact us to find a barcode scanner that fits your budget and suits your needs.

Barcode Printers

Print custom asset tags, barcodes, labels, reciepts and more at high speeds from anywhere. We supply light to medium and heavy duty industrial barcode printers. A wide variety of options are available to suit your environment from wired to wireless, direct thermal and thermal transfer, high speed/high volume, desktop, automatic peelers and more.

Asset Tags

Asset tags are a vital component of an asset tracking system. There are a wide range of options and selecting the right media can be overwhelming. Verasset has been tagging assets for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge on this topic. For on demand label printing, blank media is a great option. For more durable asset tagging needs, such as tagging machinery and equipment or biomedical equipment, we recommend a metallic or ceramic asset tag. Another major consideration is barcoding or RFID. Contact us to get more information, free samples, or place an order.

asset tags

Pre-printed Polyester and Polypropylene Asset Tags

Pre-printed plastic barcode labels have a wide variety of applications. From asset tracking to organizing a warehouse, plastic asset tags are an affordable option and are highly customizable.

Custom sizes, colors, human readable text and numbering, 1D and 2D barcodes are subsurface printed for long lasting readability. Various bonds and adhesives are available to ensure the tags will outlast your equipment, or can be removed and reused. Destructible tags peel apart making them difficult to remove while tamper evident tags leave an obvious residue behind to discourage removal.

metal barcode labels

Pre-printed Metal and Foil Asset Tags

Foil and metal asset tags are a great option for tagging assets and equipment that are subjected to harsh conditions. Metallic and foil tags are just as customizable as plastic tags, but much more durable.

Tags are designed (and tested) to withstand; high temperatures, significant abrasion, weathering, chemical exposure and more. Tag can be applied with a variety of strong adhesives as well as various fasteners, rivets, and screws. Contact us to discuss the best label and fastening method to suit your tracking needs and get a free sample that you can test in your environment.

blank printable asset tags

Printable Labels and Asset Tags

We offer a complete line of blank media label stock along with barcode printers, ribbons, and supplies. Printing labels is easy, affordable, and has limitless applications from asset tracking to labeling inventory, and even more durable applications in manufacturing.

rfid tag

RFID Tags and Labels

Verasset offers an extensive line of RFID tags and labels that can withstand almost any environment, as well as any attachment process. We provide the proper advice when choosing RFID tags suited to your unique requirements including; IT and laptop specific tags, ruggedized and encapsulated tags for harsh applications, metal mount and chemical resistant tags, as well as custom and standard RFID antenna and inlay design.

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