Verasset has the experience and expertise to design and implement the right asset tracking and inventory solution for your organization. Verasset partners with best-of-breed technology vendors to provide cost effective integrated customized solutions.

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    RFID Solutions

    The most efficient and cost effective means of tracking and managing assets
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    Barcode Solutions

    The proven, inexpensive means of tracking and managing fixed assets
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    Asset Tracking Software

    Track and manage your assets and inventory from anywhere with a hosted asset management system
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    Inventory Software

    Keep control of your consumable inventory with a flexible, customizable system
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    RFID Tags and Labels

    Verasset is a certified supplier of UHF RFID solutions used for identifying, locating, and authenticating items. We supply, install, and support RFID equipment and tags, and integrate with asset management and data capture software applications to automate the tracking and management of assets. Learn more…
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    Barcode Labels

    Verasset provides and integrates barcode systems from a variety of hardware manufacturers and software developers, including; ARM (Advanced Resource Management), WASP Barcode, and Redbeam. Learn more…
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    Fixed RFID Hardware

    Verasset is a certified reseller of RFID hardware. We install fixed RFID hardware and train customers on the use of the equipment. Learn more…



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