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Worldwide Fixed Asset Inventory and Asset Tagging Services


Verasset specializes in fixed asset inventory and asset tagging services. Our teams of professional Fixed Asset Inventory Specialists travel worldwide to client facilities to physically inspect and record up-to-date information related to fixed assets. During physical inventory, our teams can asset tag your with fixed assets with barcode labels or RFID tags.

Large asset inventory projects span thousands of worldwide locations and hundreds of thousands of assets. Small inventory and asset tagging projects cover hundreds of assets at a single location. We service large, small, and everything in between.

Combining precision planning and automatic data capture technologies, with experienced professionals, Verasset can quickly and accurately obtain up-to-date fixed asset inventory data by conducting onsite physical inventory services with no disruption to daily operations.


Comprehensive Physical Inventory Service Project Planning

Verasset begins each fixed asset inventory project with a comprehensive discovery and planning process. Once the requirements and parameters are fully defined, Verasset creates a formal Project Plan which fully documents the process. Plan elements include; data collection requirements, asset tagging procedures, schedules, project phases and milestones, reporting requirements, and more.

Asset Tracking Tools – Software, Hardware, Barcodes, and RFID

Verasset asset inventory teams use the latest automatic data capture technologies for fast and accurate mobile data collection, including barcode and RFID enabled mobile computers and smart phones, as well customizable data collection applications. Data capture/collection software is designed to help automate data collection processes.

Our location-aware data collection tools are designed to digitize, automate, and simplify field asset inventory and asset tagging processes.

Verasset asset inventory teams can preload reference data to standardize data collection tasks as the data is collected. This includes legacy asset databases, creation of preset / standardized dropdown lists such as category, location, employee data, condition and more. We routinely attach digital images of assets to asset records and can incorporate videos and digital signatures as well. Data is stored locally on each device and can also be pushed to our web-based asset tracking system in real-time.



Asset inventory and tagging

Verasset’s Fixed Asset Inventory Service Features

Baseline Asset Inventory Services

Establish a baseline physical inventory for database population/creation. Using barcode and RFID enabled smart phones and customizable mobile data collection application, Verasset inventory teams quickly and accurately inventory your fixed assets and equipment with no disruption to you daily business operations. 

Fixed Asset Reconciliation / Asset Verification

During the fixed asset inventory, we can simultaneously reconcile fixed asset financial records and existing operational databases with the installed base of fixed assets. Fixed asset reconciliation enables accurate reporting on ownership of assets, financial statements, insurance, and property tax as well as regulatory compliance.

Asset Tagging

Verasset can asset tag your fixed assets with barcode, RFID, or combination smart tags during the asset inventory at no additional cost. We can supply asset tags or use client provided asset tags. We make recommendations for the ideal tag type, material, adhesive, and asset tag placement for your environment. 


Custom Reporting

Data collection elements and reporting are tailored to each clients unique requirements. Fixed asset data is often delivered MS Excel or CSV per client preference, but can provided in any format suitable for client needs. We offer interim reporting and regular status updates with each service engagement. Formal written reports are provided as needed and can serve as a complete audit trail. 

Trained Professionals

Verasset employs full-time trained professional Inventory Specialists that undergo extensive training, background checks, and are detail oriented. Our inventory teams are well versed in fixed asset inventory and asset tagging best practice procedures with experience in diverse industries and environments. 

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. This includes thorough and accurate results to all of our clients for each service engagement. Problems or concerns will be addressed and corrected at our expense.

Fixed asset data collection is customized to each client’s needs. Examples include


  • Address: City, State, Street
  • Building Name / Code
  • Floor
  • Room Number
  • Cage Number (Data Centers)
  • Row, Rack, U Number (Data Centers)


  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer Make and Model
  • Asset Description
  • Asset Tag Number
  • Asset Class
  • Digital image, Condition, Calibration, Inspection Data, Dimensions, and more

User Data

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Department
  • Signature



Our onsite asset inventory teams are experienced in fixed asset inventory, asset tagging, and asset reconciliation services in diverse environments. This gives us the ability to successfully inventory and asset tag hundreds of thousands of servers in a data center, reconcile machinery and components in a manufacturing plant, and then move to a hospital and identify medical devices while delicately balancing scheduling and entry into patient rooms and surgical centers.

Data Centers

Data center IT asset inventory and asset tagging services help to improve efficiencies and reduce IT costs with an up-to-date inventory of your data center environment. Locate idle assets, ensure proper retirement and disposal of end of life assets

hospital inventory service


Secure patient health information, ensure patient privacy, maintain compliance with regulatory and internal policies, locate critical assets when they’re needed most with Verasset’s medical inventory services

asset tracking manufacturing


We have extensive experience in fixed asset inventory, asset tagging, and reconciliation of manufacturing equipment, components, upgrades, tooling, vehicles, furniture and fixtures and more

inventory services for government


Verasset inventory service teams hold government clearance and various multi-year contracts that assist with improved IT support and GASB compliance issues for Federal, State, and Local Governments

inventory service for schools


We provides asset inventory and asset tagging services for K-12, higher education, and various state funded educational programs to assist with GASB compliance and improved IT support

it inventory services

Information Technology

Update asset management and help desk system records, improve the efficiency and response time for your IT support team, improve efficiency and reduce redundant purchases with Verasset’s IT inventory and asset tagging services

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