Verasset Provides fixed asset management and asset tracking systems and solutions across a broad range of industries




A small sample of industries we have serviced since 2003

With 20 years of experience in fixed asset management, we provide services, systems, and solutions in a wide range of industries and sectors designed to address various challenges in tracking and managing fixed assets throughout their life cycle. While the general principles of asset management remain fairly consistent, each environment presents its own unique set of challenges.

Services include fixed asset inventory, tagging, reconciliation, and best practices consulting. In support of successful and sustainable asset management, we design asset management programs and implement tools that best suit your environment and requirements.

Data Centers

Improve efficiencies & reduce IT costs with an up-to-date inventory of your data center environment. Locate idle assets, ensure proper retirement & disposal of end of life assets

Information Technology

Update asset management and help desk system records, improve the efficiency and response time for your IT support team, improve efficiency and reduce redundant purchases


Secure patient health information, ensure patient privacy, maintain compliance with regulatory and internal policies, find equipment stockpiles, locate critical assets


Professional fixed asset inventory services for State, Local, and Federal government entities. Large scale, nationwide projects include asset inventory and tagging services


Verasset works with K-12, higher education, and various state funded programs to assist with GASB compliance issues and improved IT support.


We have extensive experience in physical inventory and reconciliation of manufacturing equipment, components, tooling, vehicles, furniture and fixtures.


Verasset performs physical inventory and reconciliation services for large banks, credit unions, and financial service providers.

Nonprofit Organizations

Verasset provide fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services for NPOs in support of best practices and for accurate reporting for funding purposes


Verasset provides fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services for the hospitality industry across hotels, restaurants, and resorts around the world

General Office/Corporate

We have extensive experience in physical inventory and reconciliation throughout a wide range of industries in standard office/cubicle and call center environments


Verasset supports and services the automotive industry in parts manufacturing, corporate environments, and service garages


Verasset provides fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services for the fitness industry in both corporate environments and fitness clubs

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