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Professional Services

Fixed Asset Inventory Services

Current and accurate fixed asset inventory data is essential for an effective asset tracking and fixed asset management program. Verasset provides professional fixed asset inventory and asset tagging services across a wide range of industries around the world.

Asset Reconciliation

Fixed asset reconciliation and verification services facilitate accurate financial reporting. This enables our clients to maintain regulatory compliance (SOX, GASB, JCAHO), and improves asset tracking and management processes. Our reconciliation experts provide floor-to-book reconciliations of fixed asset registers and operational databases.

Lifecycle Asset Management

Verasset’s fixed asset lifecycle management consulting services are custom designed to fit each clients unique environment. The service enables complete asset visibility and effective management of fixed assets throughout the asset lifecycle, from acquisition through disposal.

Custom Tailored Asset Tracking Software & Systems

Verasset is a value added reseller of turnkey fixed asset management and asset tracking software and hardware systems. We design custom tailored asset lifecycle management and tracking solutions for clients of all sizes across a broad range of industries. Our solutions integrate with automatic data capture technologies like bar coding and RFID technology and empower our clients to maintain effectively track, manage, and report on their fixed assets. 


Asset lifecycle management services and solutions across a wide range of industries

Data Centers

Data center IT asset inventory and asset tagging services help to improve efficiencies and reduce IT costs with an up-to-date inventory of your data center environment. Locate idle assets, ensure proper retirement and disposal of end of life assets

hospital inventory service


Secure patient health information, ensure patient privacy, maintain compliance with regulatory and internal policies, locate critical assets when they’re needed most with Verasset’s medical inventory services

asset tracking manufacturing


We have extensive experience in fixed asset inventory, asset tagging, and reconciliation of manufacturing equipment, components, upgrades, tooling, vehicles, furniture and fixtures and more

inventory services for government


Verasset inventory service teams hold government clearance and various multi-year contracts that assist with improved IT support and GASB compliance issues for Federal, State, and Local Governments

inventory service for schools


We provides asset inventory and asset tagging services for K-12, higher education, and various state funded educational programs to assist with GASB compliance and improved IT support

it inventory services

Information Technology

Update asset management and help desk system records, improve the efficiency and response time for your IT support team, improve efficiency and reduce redundant purchases with Verasset’s IT inventory and asset tagging services


Our services and solutions are trusted by state, local, and federal governments, large tech companies, consumer products, healthcare, education and more. Here are a few;

Here's what our clients are saying

"Verasset did a great job for us during our Fixed Asset count. They made recommendations throughout the process and helped us leave each of our sites in a good place. The counters were knowledgeable and thorough. I would highly recommend Verasset for any Fixed Asset or Inventory count needed by your company."

Rich C


"I am happy to recommend Verasset Corporation for your large inventory needs. The Verasset team performed our tri-annual fixed asset inventory in a professional and methodical manner. They inventoried over 65,000 assets onsite with meticulous attention to detail. Each day, they reported on time, and were well prepared for the day’s activities..."  

Burnie S


"I’m glad we went with Verasset for the physical inventory of fixed assets at our Corporate headquarters. The Director of Service Delivery was an absolute professional to work with – he followed up on our request quickly and responded to questions promptly. Verasset was able to turnaround a proposal for services immediately so we could make our decision in a timely manner, and the cost was very reasonable..."

Steven Azevedo

CRC Health Group


Fixed Asset Management Policies and Procedures

Fixed Asset Management Policies and Procedures

To establish a useful set of policies and procedures, you must first look closely at how things are currently done.

There are a number of diverse roles that have a direct impact on how an asset is managed and tracked throughout its useful lifecycle.

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