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Medical Equipment Tracking, Fixed Asset Inventory, Asset Tagging, Asset Reconciliation, Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare
hospital asset tracking

Verasset provides medical equipment tracking services and solutions for hospitals and healthcare professionals, including fixed asset inventory services, inventory management, asset tagging, asset reconciliation, and asset tracking systems.

Our fixed asset management systems and solutions are designed to enhance our clients’ ability to provide the best medical care possible as well as maintain compliance with regulatory and internal policies and procedures by improving medical and IT equipment visibility related to location, usage, condition, and more.

Our expertise ranges from auditing decentralized urgent care clinics with a nationwide presence, to reconciling equipment registers on hospital campuses; and from inventorying small family practices to verifying equipment in large medical research facilities.

While conducting physical inventory counts, Verasset’s healthcare sector inventory specialists locate and inspect equipment and electronically record relevant data pertaining to each device in line with the clients’ needs.

Recorded information generally includes data such as serial and model numbers, asset location, usage status, calibration and cleaning certification data, and asset condition.

Verasset also affixes barcode and/or RFID asset tags during the inventory process to facilitate future equipment location and identification.







Financial Reporting

Verasset performs annual fixed asset inventory and reconciliations for healthcare systems in support of financial reporting. We often reconcile clinical, operational, IT, and facilities databases along with financial systems simultaneously. The services satisfy requirements across multiple departments  

Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering and biomedical device inventory services are focused on populating and updating maintenance management systems (CMMS). Verasset identifies medical devices throughout medical facilities and records data related to asset calibrations, certifications, inspections, asset location, make/model, serial number, asset tag, and more. 

Compliance and Accreditation 

Maintaining up to date records related to fixed assets, IT equipment, and medical devices is crucial not only for patient safety and care, but for maintaining compliance with internal policies, regulatory compliance and HIPAA privacy rules, and Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accreditation and compliance. Secure patient health information and quickly find assets when they are needed. 

Medical Device Purchase, Resale, and Dispositions

Verasset performs fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services throughout hospital systems for strategic partners that provide medical equipment handling services, including purchasing, resales, relocation, storage, and dispositions of used medical devices.  

Accurately Track Critical Assets, Equipment, and Inventory Levels 

Control inventory and stock levels, medical equipment and devices, and more. Using RFID and barcode technologies with the right application takes the manual work out of tracking equipment and inventory levels in healthcare. Contact us today to learn more get a live product demonstration. 

Secure electronic patient health information

Ensure asset custodians are using assets in compliance with organization policies

Improve asset utilization and decrease redundant purchasing

Ensure proper retirement and disposal of end-of-life assets

Locate equipment stockpiles

Update and augment help desk records

I’m glad we went with Verasset for the physical inventory of fixed assets at our Corporate headquarters. The Director of Service Delivery was an absolute professional to work with – he followed up on our request quickly and responded to questions promptly. Verasset was able to turnaround a proposal for services immediately so we could make our decision in a timely manner, and the cost was very reasonable for the work that had to be done. The inventory count was done in the time specified, and the inventory data was provided as expected – we were able to use it easily to reconcile against our fixed asset sub-ledger. We are using Verasset for our other facilities across the U.S., and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of fixed asset inventory services.

Steven A

Corporate Accounting Manager, CRC Health Group

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