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Fixed Asset Services and Solutions

Verasset provides turn-key fixed asset lifecycle solutions for manufacturers throughout manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. Services encompass fixed asset inventory, asset tagging, and fixed asset reconciliation.

We also review current fixed asset management policies and procedures and make recommendations for asset lifecycle process improvements.

After a thorough review of your current program, we implement processes and automatic data capture tools that automate and tracking and managing fixed assets. 






Manufacturing plants have a unique set of challenges in managing their fixed assets, particularly related to custom molds and machinery.

Production floors are busy and in many cases run around the clock. Manufacturers often have a significant investment in large, customized machinery. There is also significant expense in maintaining, upgrading, repairing, and rebuilding their machinery. Due to the size and nature of this equipment, large capital components can be replaced or added as needed. While this is business as usual in daily operations, it can be very problematic with asset tracking and financial reporting.

Verasset takes a systematic approach to verify the installed based of fixed assets and reconcile financial and operational databases related to these often overlooked assets. This process usually entails in-depth review of historical documentation such as purchase orders and invoices to establish a complete audit trail of purchases.

Putting the right tools and processes in place is essential to successful asset management in manufacturing plants and distributions centers.

Tracking equipment and machinery, components, molds, and tools can be a daunting task in a busy production environment. Mobile assets, essentially anything that has wheels or can be easily moved will be moved are especially problematic. We have never met a client that didn’t have trouble tracking and locating mobile equipment when they needed it.

The right combination of tools and processes can significantly help. These are custom tailored to your needs. RFID technology is a great option if it fits your budget and there is no interference.

Bar coding, with a combination of mobile devices (smart phones and/or handheld computers) work well with the right application. Once your assets are tagged, you can track their location, assign them to users, automate check/in check/out of tools and equipment, and more.

Verasset’s manufacturing client’s are using our solutions to;

Update Operations and Financial System Data

Reconcile operational and financial databases for fixed asset visibility and corporate / regulatory compliance. Resolve unrecorded fixed assets and ghost entries on the FAR. 

Find Mobile Equipment and Assets When Needed

Locate large and small portable and mobile devices when they are needed most. Find missing tools forklifts, scanners, and more. 

Identify Assets That Are Frequently Replaced

Production floors are not known to be gentle environments. We have systems designed to help with “consumable” capital fixed assets, such as large batteries, and heavily abused IT equipment. 

Generate Your Own Barcode and RFID Tags

Pre-printed RFID and barcode asset tags are available for more durable applications. Barcode printers and blank label media are a great option for generating asset tags on demand. 

What our clients are saying

“Verasset did a great job for us during our Fixed Asset count. They made recommendations throughout the process and helped us leave each of our sites in a good place. The counters were knowledgeableable and thorough. I would highly recommend Verasset for any Fixed Asset or Inventory count needed by your company.”

Rich C


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