Verasset Corporation is a global leader in full life cycle asset management solutions. We integrate professional physical inventory services, cutting edge software systems, and work with industry leading manufacturers to simplify automating the tracking and managing of asset throughout their lifespan.

Verasset began as the services arm for an asset management firm specializing in asset tracking software systems, incorporating cutting edge technology such as GPS, biometrics, and radio frequency identification (RFID), initially founded in 1994.

Professional physical inventory services went hand in hand with the asset management software suite. Companies needed to tag their assets and manage their inventory, but didn’t have the time, resources, or experience to do so.

Now a separate legal entity since 2003, Verasset continues to offer the same reliable professional services as most of the management, and service teams made the seamless transition to the new ownership.

Verasset is a small business with regional offices located in Manchester, NH, Wilmington, NC and Seattle, WA. 


Years of Success

We were incorporated in 2003. Our first client was a large technology company with server farms located around the world. Our job was to take inventory of those servers and help our client develop a sustainable system to manage their assets.


States Inventoried

We have provided fixed asset inventory services in all 50 United States. We have sales representatives in the northeast, southeast, and west coast. Our service teams are based out of New England and routinely travel to client facilities to deliver our services.

Over 30

Countries Inventoried

We offer our services around the world and assign a central point of contact to manage each project, regardless of time zone.


Continents Inventoried

We have conducted physical inventory on 6 continents (Antarctica is not one of them). Our service engagements are offered on a fixed fee basis, which is based on the locations and the assets that are in the scope of work.


of Assets Tagged

We inventory and asset tag over one million fixed assets on an average year. Contact Us to learn more about our services and get a quote today!

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