Conducting physical inventory is a difficult task. Counting fixed assets and capital equipment without halting business operations complicates an already difficult activity.
Reconciling physical items to logical records can seem like an impossible effort. These scenarios represent the majority of the engagements that Verasset completes.
To better understand why physical inventory is a difficult task consider that our inventory specialists must routinely deal with the following set of circumstances:

  • Work in and navigate unfamiliar environments
  • Work around customer employees without disturbing anyone or disrupting schedules
  • Go about their tasks while remaining quiet and unobtrusive
  • Frequently have to climb or crawl into awkward areas in order to access physical asset information like serial numbers
  • Must avoiding feeling overwhelmed and continue pressing forward
  • Avoid delays, which can come at any time and for many reasons such as; inquisitive employees asking us questions or encountering areas that are occupied requiring a return visit
  • Attempting to locate mobile items, which seem to move constantly
  • Accounting for the ever-changing climate as assets are coming and going as the asset count is progressing
  • Be capable of recognizing a diverse set of assets in order to identify them properly regardless of the industry and technical discipline, from healthcare to manufacturing to a laboratory to the data center
  • Accurately capture and recording information
  • Merging and reviewing data from multiple sources and reporting results on a daily basis

All of this must occur within strict schedules and with a very high level of accuracy. Because businesses do not stop operations or freeze asset movement during our engagements, it requires concentration and careful attention to detail in order to account for all assets without mistakes.
In order to control the opportunity for introducing problems, the faster the count is completed the better. Being able to perform very quickly with a high degree of accuracy is a skill. It takes experience and requires thoughtful precise procedures.
Our methods have refined and our personnel have amassed significant expertise from performing (literally) thousands of engagements conducted all around the globe.