One important means towards maximizing your investment in performing a fixed asset physical inventory is to include expensed items, in addition to capitalized fixed assets, in the counting process.
We recommend that the focus is applied toward expensed items with greater operational significance as well as those at a higher risk for theft or misplacement. These can be things such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, and cameras. While these items generally do not meet the capitalization limit, they play an important role in the end users day to day activity.
The addition of a few items per office does not have a significant impact on the time or cost to complete the inventory.
Additionally you can avoid costs due to disruption in business operations if you choose an opportune time frame to conduct a physical inventory of fixed assets. Doing so towards the end of the calendar year, near the holiday season, is one of the most opportune time frames. This would also dovetail nicely with businesses that close their financial records on a calendar year basis.