Verasset Corporation is offering a free asset tracking barcode system to customers that purchase their professional inventory services.
The limited time promotion is in response to the increase in demand from smaller to mid-sized organizations for affordable barcode solutions. As these organizations grow, they acquire more equipment, and don’t have the means to track and manage all of it.
They generally do not have the resources to build a database to populate the system either. Verasset will perform a complete inventory of assets, affix barcode labels, and supply customers with a free barcode system that will allow them to sustain the results once the inventory is completed.
The barcode system, which includes an easy to use backend asset tracking system that runs on your PC, a barcode enabled mobile computer, and mobile data collection software is ready-to-use out of the box and is very user friendly.
The system allows you to track a variety of attributes related to your assets. The mobile application enables users to conduct field audits, add new items to their database, as well as remove and update information. Then, simply sync the mobile computer to your PC and data you have collected is transferred to the backend system.
This is an automated means of tracking virtually anything, from organizational items such as fixed assets, IT equipment, tools and machinery, vehicles, to documents.
Barcode systems eliminate human error and greatly reduce the time and manpower needed to efficiently track assets. Verasset customers using this system recognize a variety of benefits ranging from better utilization of assets, reduced labor costs, mitigation of loss and theft, to satisfying a variety of compliance regulations such as GASB, audit, SOX, and HIPPA.