A senior consultant to Verasset Corporation, has published a book titled Optimizing the Asset Lifecycle. Brad Vinecombe has worked in the asset management and tracking industry for over 20 years, having founded, run, and sold several businesses and products related to the content within his new book.
Vinecombe acts as a senior consultant to Verasset on a contract basis and is involved in a variety of projects with Verasset related to best practices consulting for large enterprise, RFID deployment, and enterprise software installation.
“Asset management can be a dry topic, but is one that can’t be ignored. I’ve related asset management to everyday life to keep the book both interesting and relevant”, said Vinecombe.
The book is available in paperback through amazon.com and can be purchased as an eBook for eReader devices and tablets in the iTunes store and anywhere eBooks are sold.
Verasset is giving the book to all new customers for a limited time and is planning additional promotional events throughout the summer to create awareness of the book release.