As we close out another year and look ahead at 2015, we want to take a moment to appreciate our customers and partners.  Verasset has been very busy. As a result, we don’t often stop and take the time to say “thank you“. In 2014, we were fortunate enough to land new clients across a broad range of industries and were reengaged with existing clientele.
It is rewarding to have customers return to Verasset – we don’t take their vote of confidence lightly. We recognize that the success of our business hinges on gaining the trust of potential customers. Trust is essential  to operating a successful services business. Trust is as much about honesty as it is about having confidence that you are competent to perform as declared.
We continually analyze how we can improve in order to foster customer confidence. We realize that clients want to avoid risk, but that unknowns can bring risk. Consequently, we believe the best means to overcome uncertainty is to clearly and simply explain our services and methods for ensuring quality results.
Prior to commencing any service engagement, we develop a concise project plan, which outlines tasks, responsibilities, schedules, and deliverables. Sticking to the plan and following through on commitments establishes trust. We take the time to introduce our staff and their relevant qualifications. We offer and spell out our guarantee and provide customers with an insurance binder.
Last but not least, we strive to communicate, plainly and often. Building strong relationships with our clientele has produced a self-perpetuating cycle of continued business opportunity.
We thank you, and wish you all a prosperous 2015!